Interactive Work.
Lets Get Digital.
Pennant is an interactive exploration of baseball data that allows users to quickly and accurately recreate and investigate the history of the annual race to be the best team in Major League Baseball.
Abstract Visualization of New York Times Newswire API Thumbnails
Sound Experiments
Various audio/visual experiments
Digital Flowers
Flowers made from dog toys and silk flower petals, attached to servo motors.
Beat Boxxx
Beat Boxx is an interactive beat creator and recorder that allows users to lay down digital loops of blips and beeps or perform them live.
Speak to Me // Breathe
Speak to Me/Breathe is a project that shows communication over time by displaying my incoming email messages in Braille format on a large LED driven interface.
String Theory
stringTheory is an experimental program Using the concept of String Theory (theoretical physics) to visualize my email.
Respond//React is a text messaging interface for openFrameworks.
Michael Jackson's Pro Leafblower
Michael Jackson is back on the streets and this time he's cleaning them up!